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How To Get Notice Of Basic Eligibility (nobe)

A Notice of Basic Eligibility lets a military person know if he can enroll in education programs, most notably the Montgomery GI Bill. The first step is to fulfill all of the requirements, including signing up for selective reserve service for six years. If you are getting an ROTC scholarship, you do not need a notice of basic eligibility.

Provide proof that you completed high school. This can be a copy of your diploma or GED. Confirm your selected reserve status, which is usually listed on your enlistment contract.

Complete the training necessary to perform your military job. Check with your unit to ensure it has a record of this training in your file.

Confirm that your unit has proof of each of the requirements. Make an appointment to speak with your Unit Retention NCO or an administrative assistant if you need further information on the educational opportunities.

Set up a file at home to hold all enlistment, educational, and financial military documents.

Remember to follow your chain of command when taking care of business with your unit.

Keep your superiors aware of what you are doing and be courteous when asking for help from others.


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