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How To Calculate Military Disability

By Angie Oney

Veteran disability benefits are available to veterans who have service-related disabilities and received anything other than a dishonorable discharge. Benefits are applied for through the Veterans Administration using VA Form 21-526. The form must be submitted with additional paperwork, including dependent records (marriage certificates or birth certificates) and medical evidence (doctor and hospital records). A Veterans Administration claim adjudicator determines whether a claim is approved for payment of disability benefits.

Determine the veteran's percentage of disability. This will be decided by a Veterans Administration claims adjudicator using medical data submitted with a disability claim.

Calculate the number of surviving parents the disabled veteran has.

Calculate the number of dependents the disabled veteran has. The calculation includes spouses, and children younger than 18.

Visit the Veterans Administration disability compensation rates Web page (see Resources section).

Scroll down through the tables on the Veterans Administration disability compensation page to find the table that fits this veteran's combination of dependents and percentage disability.

Determine the appropriate pay amount based on dependents and percentage of disability.


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